Multiple KitchenAid Attachments

Does one need two KitchenAids if they were to use it for example for Kibbe and and cheese cake? The attachments are different, but it would be using the main component.

Not necessary. I’m assuming you don’t cook anything in the KitchenAid and therefore it’s never a Keli Rishon

Hi hakham, How is that any different between a plate? Can one use a plate for meat and milk?

Good question
If you look at the question and the answer afterwards, you’ll see this was unclear
Let me clear this up.
No utensil can be used for both dairy and meat, except drinking glasses. Therefore the attachments are ok because they’re used/dedicated for different things. The Kitchenaid is never used with hot kli rishon, therefore if any attachment is mixed up and used with meat /dairy incorrectly, it’s ok.

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