Netilat Yadayim


Shalom Rav hope all is well.

Is it permitted to do Netilat Yadayim in the morning without a vessel?

And if so can one do Netilat Yadayim for HaMotzi without a vessel as well?

If one is not permitted on both occasions what should one do?


Both the morning washing and bread require a vessel. Nevertheless there is nothing special per se about the vessel other than it holds the sufficient amount of water and is not broken. Any plastic cup will probably be sufficient. Just have one at your "disposal’.


Out of curiosity, and on the basis of the water being purifying, why must the netilat yadaim water be from a vessel when mikveh water must be grounded?


We will stick to Halacha as much as we can. These concepts are not specifically explained, although you can find various thoughts about this, primarily in kabbalistic type sources.