Non Kosher Wine


Someone told me something i thought was a interesting.
since the main reasons for not drinking non kosher wine today do not apply they technically in todays world are equal to any alcohol. which should according to halacha not be drank at your local watering hole. based on that there may be a case to say i can buy a non kosher bottle of wine and drink it in my own home.

is this person crazy? or is there some validity to what they are saying?


Person is incorrect.
The wines today have been downgraded from possible Yayin Nesech to Yayin Stam.
However it still needs supervision or at least a confirmation that it was not touched nor poured by a non-Jew.


A follow up question: I have always been told that I need to pour nonkosher wine that I received as a gift down the toilet. I have received countless bottles of expensive nonkosher wine and have done just that. Just received another. After reading this, I’m wondering why I can’t regift it.


You are correct in your assumption, that you may re-gift to a non jew. (assuming that gifting to that individual is permitted) For example a business associate who you would like to curry favor with, for future business dealings etc. Nevertheless storing them would be a problem lest you may accidentally consume them. So the best advice would be to regift them shortly after you receive them.