Non stick pans

Can a non stick frying pan be koshered for Passover

What kind of non stick pan is it?
As a general rule the coating isn’t edible. If it’s not food, it can’t be chametz. (Even if a little bit came off and went into the food)

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If you’re question is if you can Kasher a non-stick frying pan, the answer is yes.
The best way to kasher it is to put it clean and empty for a few minutes on the fire on the stove until it gets really hot that is called “Yad Soledet Bo.” And it’s all good. If your not sure how hot that is, heat it up enough that if you touch the pot, your finger will burn, which usually takes a few minutes or less. I throw a few drops of water and when it gets hot enough the water gets burnt out quickly. That’s certainly kashered at that point.