Olives in ingredients

If olives appear as an ingredient in a product (e.g. Mediterranean style sardines), must we be concerned about the vinegar used to process the olives (which, as an “incidental ingredient” doesn’t need to be listed), or is it battel in the final product?

One need not be concerned. At worst it’s battel.

Thank you! Shabbat Shalom!

Also, if any alcohol is used in the olives, it would need to be listed in the ingredients. So if it just says olives, it’s only olives. Otherwise it would say
Olives (olives, vinegar, citric acid)

These are the FDA requirements.

Thank you. But wouldn’t that come under the category of “incidental ingredients” that do not need to be listed? I once called the FDA number, and they said that an “incidental ingredient” is one used in the manufacture of another ingredient.

Incidental ingredients that need not be listed must be less than 10 parts per million. That is not what we are talking about.

See the FDA food labeling guide. This is on page 18 item #7

WOW! They didn’t mention that point! Tizkeh L’Mitzvot! Iyashar Heileih l’Oraita!

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Harav – I may not be reading this correctly (a very likely possibility) but it seems from the regulations (https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cdrh/cfdocs/cfcfr/CFRSearch.cfm?fr=101.100) that the less than 10 parts per million criteria is only applicable to a “sulfiting agent” but not to all incidental ingredients. Am I reading this incorrectly? or maybe even if that is correct, perhaps vinegar is a sulfiting agent in olives?
Thank you for your work with all of this!

Sulfites is just used as an example. All items that end up in your food MUST be listed on the ingredients panel. A trace ingredient that can be omitted must be so small and insignificant that it just is meaningless.
The idea that something that is less than 2% can be omitted is a falsehood developed by the kashrut industry to make themselves relevant.