Oven use three day Tom tov

My oven does not have Shabbat mode so if I turn it on before Shabbat it will turn off by Saturday. Am I allowed to turn it back in when Tom tov starts?

Do I have to leave it on before Shabbat in order to turn it back on on YT, or can I just turn it on?


Is your oven gas or electric?


For the sake of the question we will assume that the oven works as you say. ( my expert advisor, my wife, has told me that if your oven automatically shuts off it should also have an override that leaves it on indefinitely) nevertheless in your case, as you have no way to light the oven prior to Yom tov, it would be permissible to relight it on Yom Tov

I have the same issue with oven shutting off automatically after 12 hours with no over ride.
The oven has digital displays and keys is it still permissable?


if i am understanding correctly, since there is no way to light the oven prior to yom tov , i may press my digital key pad to turn oven on during yom tov.
can you explain why ?

Mechila, why is it okay in either case? (I’m not challenging - I just want to understand)