Pesach 2022 and Ingredients Lists - Updated 4/2

We just released our new Ingredients list for Pesach and year round. These list will be updated often with new items as we continue our research.

Instead of posting your product questions on the forums and waiting for a response you can now quickly look up each ingredient yourself to determine what is kosher.

This app is new and a lot more features in the works. Please send your feedback or bug reports here.

Before posting questions on the forums please check this list to be certain the product or ingredients aren’t already listed.

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UPDATE: Pesach List is here Pesach List 2022 - Ohel Torah - Google Sheets


Made a donation. How do I get the 2022 Passover List?

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We are working to simplify the process to make it easier for you to determine whether any product is kosher or kosher for Pesach.

Above is are links to our ingredients list (Web, iOS, or Android versions) so that you can quickly look up the ingredients of any product.

Hi will there be a product list kosher for pesach

Yes, later today

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UPDATE: Pesach List is here Pesach List 2022 - Google Sheets

Pesach product list has been added to the app as well for easy access and quick searching.

Gut maoed is advil including the film coating acceptable for pesach and all year round moreover medications which have a taste and dissolve in the mouth but it’s takin as a medicine for migraines it has gelatin and many other ingredients can they be taken on pesach and all year round
Please explain why there isn’t a chometz or kashrut concern if there is a taste to the medication thank you so much