Selling hametz

A family member went to Israel for a three week trip, to include Pesach. He was unable to sell his hametz through a Rav before leaving. As he has a non Jewish tenant who rents a room in his home, he had her “buy” all the hametz in the house for $1, and rent the entire house for $1. Since it was done without a shtar (contract), would it be a good idea when selling his hametz in Israel to include his home in the U.S., or, since b’diavad such a sale is good, would it be problematic to “resell” it? Thank you and Shabbat Shalom!

Firstly no need to “sell” the house. Just the chametz. I don’t have enough details regarding the first sale (was there a proper kinyan). If he’s selling the Chametz in Israel with a rabbi, just include his american Chametz too.

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