Shaatnez - safek sfeka


What is the Halacha regarding checking suits and other garments for shaatnez?
I see you write a lot about a safek sfeka. What is it in this context?

Thanks for all your help!

Safek if you require shua tavi and nuz together. That’s a machloket Rishonim if that’s de’orayta required.
Shua = combing
Tavi = spinning thread
Nuz = weaving.
No shaatnez today is done all three together with wool and linen.
So for starters any pure shaatnez today is only safek de’orayta.
Then if you have a safek if it there’s linen there at all, it’s a sfek sefeka.
What about efsher levrury now that we have such sophisticated processes from the shaatnez labs?
My father says “that’s not efsher levrury bekal.

So, in short, unless you are 100% sure that there’s wool and linen together, you would not be required to have it checked.

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Why is this not efsher levrury?

It seems that you left out bekal.

What does that mean?

Bekal means ‘with ease’.

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