Shaving with a razor

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Which parts of the face and or neck would be allowed to shave with a razor?

For example here it’s shaved with barbershop machine but can one shave with a razor for this part?

It is unclear which sections of the face can and can not be shaved with a razor and it would be even more difficult to ensure you don’t cross the line. Therefore it is forbidden to shave any part of your face or beard with a razor.

Also, a haircut machine can also be an issue if not used in accordance with halachah and many barbers use the machine in a way that is forbidden just like a razor.

Shaving while holding the machine like this image would be ok since the bottom blade is acting as a shield so the moving razor doesn’t touch your skin.

But if you hold the machine like this picture below could be forbidden since the razor may be touching your skin. We have inspected many trimmers and found that most would be ok when used perpendicular to face. If angled downward that all trimmers are prohibited.

The bottom picture- is that a razor or just a machine? One cannot even get cut by these barbershop machines. Would it still be considered a razor?

The bottom picture is a machine. In this picture the barber is holding the machine in a manner that the edges of the top and bottom blade touch the skin because he his cutting with the tip of the blades and therefore forbidden. This barber is not using the bottom stationary blade as a shield.

The prohibition of using a razor is not based on whether it will cut you or not.