Spicy Brown Mustard Great Value

Is this K for P?
Ingredients: vinegar, water, mustard seed, salt, turmeric

Thank you!

Kosher for Pesach for Sephardim

mustard seed is kitniot. So, why it’s no problem for Ashkenazi Jews?

בטל ברוב

I think that mustard is a rov

All ingredients are written in order of size (except for ingredients less than 2% which can be in a different order). That means that the vinegar and water make up the majority of this product.

There is a cancellation in the majority, when you do not see the legumes. But this is mustard pasta !?

It doesn’t depend on whether you can see it. It depends if there’s ממשות - like something you can take out.

If you see it, it is itself a ממשות!

Can I ask, just to understand - isn’t the point of the whole product the mustard seed? So wouldn’t that not be bittul?

I may not fully understand how bittul works, just curious and want to learn.

The idea behind Bitul B’rov is even if there’s 49% it’s still Batel. Obviously there’s a good chance you can see it. As an example, you can add paprika to something and it will turn the whole thing red. You can see it but it’s batel.

In the case of mustard, it is the main flavor and i looked at other posts and we did call it Kitniyot. So ive updated my original answer.

If it’s mixed in to another product then it would certainly be batel.

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