Tabatchnick Classic wholesome chicken broth


Yesterday, I purchased this from the Passover section of my supermarket. As I was putting it away, I glanced at the container and noticed it did not have a kosher for Passover designation.

When I checked the ingredients, this is what I saw.

Ingredients: filtered water, chicken broth concentrate (chicken broth–chicken, water–, yeast extract, chicken fat, salt, onion powder, cooked vegetables–carrot, celery, onion–potato flour, flavoring, turmeric, corn oil and canola oil), salt and evaporated cane juice. Contains soy.

Is the yeast extract a problem? the ingredients specify it containing soy, not wheat.

My problem is that I almost cooked something for Passover with it, and if it ends up being Hametz, other people who did not think to check the label may be using it as well.

Please let me know if this is good for Passover, so I will not use it, and will notify the store to remove it from the Passover section.


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Kosher for Pesach for all

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OK. It seems Tabatchnik has a chicken broth in the identical container with an OUP. Someone obviously confused the 2 and put the non-KP in the Passover aisle. Are you saying that the one with no Passover certification is good, even with yeast extract?

Yes. Enjoy