Tough family kashrus situation

Thank you very much for all your help the last few years. Holidays are less stressful, thanks to you guys.

I’m in a tough situation. We’ve been becoming more religious the last few years. We’re going to my husband’s family for a meal tomorrow and they’re not so religious. I’ve never seen them do anything in public, but I’ve heard others have. My friend told me one can’t eat in a house like that.
How do I handle this. It’ll create a real family fight if I cancel. Can I just eat some foods that I know aren’t cooked by them. I hope you can answer before the holiday


You’re very welcome
This is not a simple yes and no. If you would know 100%, then it would be a problem to eat something that you don’t know is 100% kosher. However if you’re not sure, you would be allowed to eat there as long as they say/act like they keep kosher.
There is also a difference between someone who drives a car on Shabbat and someone who watches TV. The latter being still considered Shomer Shabbat for this rule of eating their food.
I hope this helps you out
Chag Sameach


Thank you

What about if I know they’re on their phones on shabbos?

There is a difference between knowing and knowing. If you saw them on their phone, it would be a problem. However if you know, because the time stamp that a post, email, WhatsApp or text, etc., was sent, that wouldn’t be enough. It’s possible that a non Jew was asked to send the message or post the item. It’s a stretch but that’s all we need to say, we don’t know for sure. The same would be if you see someone’s car going down the road, but they have tinted windows, you wouldn’t be able to say, you know 100%