Trader Joe’s Vegan Tzatziki Dip

I believe this is kosher but wanted to confirm that it is pareve?

The dill may have a bug issue

Interesting. Based on where the chopped dill is in the ingredient list, how could any bugs along for the ride constitute more than 1/60 of the package? Wouldn’t be very vegan…

Bugs are not batel even 1 in 60. Many don’t realize there are bugs in their greens until someone shows them. Vegan and Halacha are two different things.

However bugs that are “pulverized” are batel? If so, would finely chopped dill possibly fall into the “pulverized” bucket? Not sure when a vegetable or herb would cross the line but immersion blenders and food processors are clearly a very modern phenomenon.

Or is dill so problematic that its unusable in any form?


Pulverized bugs are not kosher.

Pulverized vegetables that may contain some bugs would be kosher so long as you did not see any bugs before pulverizing. If you saw a bug and still pulverized the vegetables with the bug that would not be kosher.

You can purchase kosher dill which are bug free from companies like Bodek.