Truvia sweetner

Kosher for Passover ?

We are waiting for a reply from company on the source of the Erythritol

We will post asap

Did u find out yet

Hello there , I thought if it’s gluten free then the erythirol would be fine

It’s may be processed in a way that removes the gluten which allows the company to certify it as a gluten free product, even if it’s derived from wheat.

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So is it kosher for Passover

Waiting on @chaimyabadi to get a response

I just spoke to the company. I was told the erythritol is extracted from corn and there is no wheat in it whatsoever.

Great! Then it’s ok for Sephardim and those who eat corn. Unless it is mixed into another product (which is usually the case) in which case it is ok for all