Victoria vodka sauce

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This food product contains cheese, and as such needs to be Gevinat Yisrael,

That is, the cheese has to be made with the physical involvement of the Rabbi/Mashgiach etc. Nevertheless It does not need to be made from Chalav Yisrael milk.

Oh really? Chalav yisrael for pesach?

Actually I have edited my previous post.

Chalav Yisrael was replaced with Gevinat Yisrael.

And its not Passover related. All year long the cheese needs certification.

If the vodka sauce listed above is OU certified than it would be kosher for Passover for all as well. if It is another Supervision we can not approve at this time as we are not sure.

Reason being that BH we were able to ascertain the method in which the OU uses to certify its cheese. Therefore the previous posts in which we said they were problematic is no longer applicable.

Ty so much for staying on top of this single time for us!
The kashrut is KO. See pic

We do not rely on Ko for cheese