Vinegar and balsamic

Does vinegar and balsamic vinegar need to be certified kosher?

No, but it needs to be kosher.

If they are not certified kosher and ingredients only contain balsamic vinegar or white vinegar does it still need a certification on label?

Heard it’s same laws as wine


So to be clear, balsamic vinegar does or does not require certification?

Balsamic vinegar as an ingredient in an item or stand alone, pure, does not need to be certified.

Balsamic vinegar is aged wine it seems to me.

It contains wine but isn’t 100% wine. More like 6%

This is my first time asking a question and I am confused here. Can you please explain: You said that Baslamic Vinegar does not need certification -like wine- but needs to be kosher. How do I determine if it is kosher? I too, a long with most people, understood that balsamic vinegar needed to be treated like wine. Can you please explain why not? Why does it not need to be certified?

Since the wine content is only a few percent, it is batel. That’s why we don’t treat it like wine.
The previous comment that it needs to be kosher - is because everything we eat needs to be kosher. As long as we know that it’s plain balsamic vinegar without anything else mixed in, it’s ok.

Does the same apply to white wine vinegar?

Yes the same is true for white wine vinegar

So trader joes dijon mustard with white wine vinegar is ok? Kalamata olives with red wine vinegar ok? Balsamic From modena with no other vinegar is ok? That would all be great!

True balsamic vinegar is grape must or wine as the only ingredients. The 6 percent refers to the acid content, not the percentage of grape product.

I looked up several factories is Modena etc. It seems like in none of them there is a human touch anywhere in the process.

Also - in true balsamic vinegar most of the wine is converted to Acetic Acid (leaving ~0.1% alcohol) - so most of the wine had Shinui Shem.