What is the proper bracha to make when eating tree leaves and/or tree bark?


What is/are the proper bracha to make when eating tree leaves, such as rosemary, and/or tree bark, such as cinnamon ? (I assume for mint leaves it is Haadama, even if big.)


You eat these things plain, and not as an additive to food?


I understand to say the bracha over the “main food”. However, I may be a little unusual – I sometimes eat herbs by themselves (not ground) like cinnamon (bark) and cloves (buds). And I read on a different website that rosemary is a tree rather than a plant, but IAC, I am eating the leaves.

A slightly different but related topic, I just found this interesting website about eating tree leaves (http://www.wildplantforager.com/blog/eating-like-a-giraffe-5-trees-with-edible-spring-leaves)


Eating things that most people do not eat would usually be either a Shehakol if edible, or nothing if inedible.


Thank you!