Why do we make a Shehakol on candy?

I was learning this week how there are several halachic opinions about what bracha to make on sugar. Haetz, Hadama or Shehakol. I believe in this halachah they were discussing sugarcane. Nowadays most sugar is made from sugarcane or sugar beets. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sugar

Is the proper brachah still Shehakol on sugar/candy?

Assuming we do make a Shehakol on candy, is this because of a safek? If its due to a safek how should we handle the issues that arise when other foods are brought to the table with similar brachos?

You’re right. Logically it should be ha’adamah
That’s what I make.

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I have been reading through your father’s sefer online and its literally a treasure trove of important halachos.

I came across my original question about the proper brachah on sugar where your father mentions that although we make a Shehakol on sugar we only do so because of Safek. And that since its a Safek we must be very careful about which foods we make a bracha on afterwards.

If you eat candy that is made from sugar, then you can make a Ha’Adamah.

So, if you eat maple sugar you would say Haetz instead of Shehakol…?

It would not be the same as eating candy, because candy is made of sugar but is made to be eaten this way. Maple sugar or plain sugar is made as an additive to food and seldom eaten plain. Unless there are areas that do eat it plain as a normal thing, then it would be different.

This is what came to mind.

That’s awesome. People still typically make Shehakol on candy and this would be the same. Although the appropriate beracha seems to be Ha’Etz. But first let me double-check if that includes sap. I’ll get back to you.

Thank you!

Maple syrup is Shehakol.