365 organic tomato basil sauce

Is this kosher?


Correction: this product is problematic due to fresh basil. Basil has a big issue. We will do some more research but for now this product is assumed problematic.

Just looking for clarity: Since it’s blended to make the sauce, would we say that in this blending and boiling process to make the sauce it’s still considered Shaleim and not just bittul from the process and maybe then mutter under the safek of bugs?

Since its not pureed (you can still clearly see pieces of basil) there will still be an issue of bugs. Cooking/boiling doesnt solve the bug issue.

Much thanks

Based on your replies above, should we say then that any product with basil in it could be problematic. This would pretty much include almost all pasta sauces and anything Italian in nature.

Would this impact products with reliable certification?

No. The only issue is if there are peices. See @ralph.lasry answer earlier in the thread.

I am wondering whether one could be lenient based on YD: 84:9 and the shach there.

Not for something that we know has bugs
See end of the Shach you quoted and Beer Heitev plusmore