Acceptable Hot plates for shabbat


Can u use this hot plate on Shabbat if I cover the knobs? Also, is there any other permissible way to heat food on Shabbat? Is the keep warm function acceptable on an oven? (


If the heat in the pot on the hot plate or in the oven on low temperature does not bring the food above 125 degrees Fahrenheit, then you can use it on Shabbat to warm food.


Is it a specific temperature or if the food can be handled directly from and eaten straight from the oven— is that ok?


If the food remains a lower temperature than 125 degrees Fahrenheit even if it stays in the oven a long time, then it’s ok.


If you can put the food straight into your mouth from the oven, then there’s no way that it’s above 125.


I thought hotplates were much hotter than 125 degrees?


Those aren’t good. Many have temperature controls.


I will check my hot plate to be sure. It said kosher for Shabbat on the box and I got it as a wedding gift years ago. Do you know any particular brands that you know are ok that you could recommend?


Kosher certification on a hot plate has little meaning in reference to the above discussion. Stick to the temperature of up to 125 degrees and you will be fine.