Adjust timer on shabbat

Are you allowed to adjust the pins on a timer to change when a light/fan/etc turns on or off on Shabbat? Are the rules different for yom tov?

Example: If I have my hotplate set to turn on at 11am Shabbat morning, but instead I want i to turn on at noon, can I move the pin one hour ahead?

Its permitted.

Would the same הלכה apply for a woman to be able to
Place a pump on herself before the clock turns on to pump milk to feed her child

A woman may adjust the timer on a pump as well. The milk she pumps needs to be thrown out and not given to the baby.

If you are saying that one may cook using a timer
Why is it diffrent regarding the melacha of דש

דש Makes a loud noise the whole town hears

My question was regarding מפרק which is a תולדה דדש
If you are a considering shabbos clock a גמרא for other מלאכות why would it not work for pumping please advise?

I mean pumping milk to feed to child by putting the pump on before the shabbos clock turns it on
Once it is a גרמא

Interesting. Assuming the women connects the pump before it turns on and does not have to touch the pump at anytime while its in use that may be permitted. I’d have to ask the Rav and get back to you. Haven’t thought of this before.

Hi any feed back from the Rav yet

Unless it’s possible to connect it before the timer goes on and both the mother and pump is not touched, adjusted or moved in anyway while the it is working, all of which I don’t see as being practical or possible, than it would be permitted. In order for it to be considered a grama, then not only does the pump need to be attached before the timer goes off but while the pumping is occurring there can be no direct action. Moving or adjusting the pump would change it from a indirect action to a direct action. Both the turning on of the pump as well as the pumping process both need to be a grama in order for it to be permitted. Once you adjust something that goes away.

Are you saying that one is allowed to make something go off early or on when it wasn’t supposed to go on?

Correct. Moving pins on a shabbos clock so the electric goes on or off in the future is permitted.

Thank you for replying.

So if I plug my oven in to a time switch with all the pins in the on position, I can make it go off in quarter of an hour whenever I choose?

If your timers was plugged in before shabbat and all you are doing now is moving a pin to make it go off in the future that is ok. You may not move a pin for it to go off immediately. And you may not plug in the timer on Shabbat either.

Thanks for the response. Just to be clear, if it’s early in the morning and my timer is set to go off at noon I’m allowed to move the pin to have it go off at 11am, correct?