Aguardiente & praying shoeless

Dear Rabbis,

2 quick questions:

Is aguardiente (supposedly similar to Arak or Ouzo) kosher without hechsher? There are many brands from Colombia, Ecuador, Spain (no hechsher) and the ingredients all seems to be alcohol, sugar, anise and water. Kosher?

Secondly, is it ok to pray shoeless (but WITH socks) in the house? The reason is the bottom of my feet get hot and it gets uncomfortable. I figure if the kohanim can do it as they are blessing Am Israel, it’s okay for the common Joe??

Shavua tov.

  1. it is difficult to ascertain status of alcohols without research into individual products as they are not regulated by the FDA.

  2. Shoes are required as it is a sign of kavod (honor) when praying before God. Socks with sandals can work as well if that would be easier for you.