Andrea Pasta

Over the years we had bee purchasing frozen pasta products from Andrea Pasta. It has a tablet K d on it. We recently discovered a note on the package that says that it is produced on machinery that is also used to produce products containing lobster. The ingredient label is below. Can this be ok to eat?

I am not concerned about the machinery since that non kosher item would be halachickly void, but we can not approve the item due to the cheese found in the pasta. Even though it has a certification. The Rav holds that cheeses such as farmers, cottage and Ricotta all need to be Gevinas Yisrael.

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Does the rav require kashering after cooking with soft cheese that is not gevinas yisroel?

Generally, yes. In the case of the tablet k - andrea pasta, not necessary.

Can you explain why?

The status of the soft cheese is a safek. So we don’t eat lechatchila, but bediavad no need to kasher

makes sense! thanks

I was under the impression that the Rav permitted soft cheeses that are not gevinat Yisrael. Am I completely wrong with that?

No. Not completely wrong. This is a topic that we’ve been back and forth about for years.

Bottom line is: Today we don’t use it. Not because it’s for sure no good, but because we have a safek. According to the Shulchan Aruch it’s a problem. There may be a way to be lenient, but we can’t approve at this point in time.

Ok Many thanks.