Are these nuts kosher

Are these glazed pecans kosher?

Kosher dairy

I’m not denying what you said to be true. But I would like to understand how you are certain these are kosher. Like are we not concerned at all about what they put in their cream or about the manufacture possibly making treif items with the same machines, or the any of these other issues? Or of keilim that make these nuts getting washed with very hot water with another food that is treif?

How are we certain these are kosher?
And are these ingredients like milk, cream and lethitin always kosher? And if possible, I would like to know why?
Thank you

We are concerned with these things. What allows us to ok these products is because the food industry is regulated and there are laws and regulations these companies have to follow.

So there won’t be treif in the pecans…

Thank you for the reply!
When I see in the Ingredients “milk” “cream” or “lethitin”, can I always assume they are kosher?