Baby bottles & bibs

hello rabbi, i have some questions about my baby products:

  1. do I need to kosher baby bottles for passover that i use for only formula? dishwasher safe

  2. also how do i kosher silicon bibs that food falls into a pocket and he eats out of that sometimes-- dishwasher safe

  3. how do i kosher a highchair tray that he eats directly off of? they are plastic? is libun okay?

  1. Nope
  2. Clean them good.
  3. " " ‘’

Always keep in mind. You don’t have to Kasher something that food was not cooked. baked, roasted, steamed, grilled etc in or with or on

okay thank you

Hi Rabbi. For highchair tray that food for baby goes directly on tray, does for example cleaning with some water and soap suffice as a way to clean in between meat and dairy so same tray can then switch back and forth between meat and dairy? Thank you Rabbi.

Yes that’s enough