Baby stuff

Thanks for the amazing assistance you provide. I have a few baby related pesach questions:
(1) do we need new bibs for our toddler on pesach (we use the rubbery silicone ones)?
(2) do we need to replace the high chair tray for pesach (we put food directly on it during the year, but never food that is too hot for the baby)?
(3) we have a plug in steamer we use to steam vegetables only, the steamer basket is plastic and has been put in the dishwasher with regular dishes. Can we use the steamer on pesach?
(4) we have a bunch of baby cups that we use for milk and water but that have been in the dishwasher. Can we use them for pesach?


All items above are fine to be used for Pesach as-is, no preparation necessary.

Thank you!

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