Bathing kids on Yom tov

Is it okay to give kids a bath on Yom tov? Anything to be concerned about other than squeezing water?

Both kids and adults can take regular hot showers on yom tov with shampoo and soap.

is there any difference for a shower and a bath?

No difference.

Taking a normal shower or bath to get cleaned is ok.

Gut maoed why wouldn’t rubbing shampoo into the hair constitute sechitah being that the person wants the shampoo to go all over their hair

We don’t hold of Sechita by hair

Are hot showers allowed on Shabbat? kids or adults
Thank you very much

Not allowed on shabbat

What about the rema in תקיא that even on מים שהוחמו מבעוד יום צריך אבר באבר