Benefiber ok for Passover?

Ingredient is wheat dextrin but says it’s gluten free -less then 20 ppm gluten.
This is used to keep one of my kids regular. I’m afraid to stop it for the week.
Can I still give it?

You can continue giving it to your child through Pesach

Is it ok for adults also or just children?

Just children

Thank you

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Can I give this to my 13 year old son Passover 2019? He needs it to keep him going, especially during this holiday.
Thank you so much for all your help

Can you switch to Metamucil for the holiday?

I’ll ask his dr. Is Metamucil better then benefiber for the holiday?

Yes. It’s not from wheat.

If it’s a medical issue, and he cannot switch, then get back to me and I’ll explain what to do. Thx

Will do.
Thank you so much.

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