Berachot - interval

Dear rabbis,

If I eat a mint or any other type of gum/candy and say shehakol, and continue having more every 20 minutes or so, does one repeat the beraha? Or does the initial beraha “cover” the rest?

Todah rabah.

If you finish the original candy and then a few minutes later you want to take another candy you would be required to make another brachah.

Got it. Thanks. No beraha aharona?

Correct. Not enough eaten quick enough to require a bracha achrona. Unless you chew down a bunch of candy within a few minutes…

Do you have to have in mind that you are not planning to eat again to make a new bracha? What if I am in the same location all day, make shehakol on water in the morning, sip water at random intervals throughout the day (maybe every half hour or hour or even longer) and maybe have some other shehakol in between. Do I need to make a new bracha at any point?

Requires a new bracha every time even if you’re in the same location.

Every time I take a sip of water I make a new bracha? I’m confused. Can you please explain.

The idea is as follows. As long as your mind stays “focused” on the drink, a new Bracha is not required. When you lose focus (hesech hada’as) a new Bracha is required.

This depends on the circumstance. To give an example, one can have a drink and sip it slowly, and will only be required to make one Bracha. Even if it takes a long time to finish. Some people can sit on a coffee for an hour or more :smile:
However if one takes a drink, and they are finished for now (out of mind), the next time they wish to take a drink they would be required to make a new bracha.