Berachot not covered by hamotsi

Dear Rabbanim,

During a meal, does hamotsi cover raw greens like chard and the like? Is there a need to say ha-adamah?

Would it also cover rice? Is there a need to say mezonot?

Todah rabah!

The hamotzie covers everything eaten during the meal with the exception of desert that by definition is not part of the meal. (Except for wine, which would need its own bracha)

I thought you also needed to say a separate Bracha over uncooked fruit?

As was mentioned above, anything that is part of the meal would be covered under Hamotzi. Anything eats in after the meal as a desert, would require separate brachot. fruits are you generally eaten after meal for dessert and therefore would require a bracha. If you are going to situations where uncooked fruits are eaten at the beginning of a meal which is done many times at weddings and other simchas, then they would not require a bracha even though they are uncooked fruits. it all comes down to what purpose is the food that you’re about to eat serve in the main meal. If it serves to enhance your meal then it is rolled into the bracha of Hamotzi.