Birkat Hagomel

Dear Rabbis,

Does one say birkat hagomel for flights between countries where no sea is crossed?

Thank you!


I’m guessing that means any flight at all then?


Can you explain the reasoning for this? Statistically flying is much safer than driving, but we don’t say birkat hagomel after every car trip.

We say Hagomel on a car trip that requires tefillat haderech.

Interesting! So that would be any car trip outside the metro area you live in? Would say, Lakewood to Brooklyn require gomel?


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What if one flies to a city, gives a presentation there, and then takes a train to another city? Two brachot, or just one for the entire day?

if you have plans to take the train when you start your travels, one Beracha a day. If you didn’t plan on taking the train and then decided afterwards, you would make a second Beracha