Birkat HaTorah for a Sephardi

I’m Sephardi if I get a Aliyah at a Ashkenazi shul do I say “Hashem Imachem” before I say Barchu?

I said HaShem Imachem and expected them to say Yevarekhha HaShem but they didn’t say it so I said it myself. I don’t know if I did the right thing or should I just not go with my custom and go straight to Barchu?

When praying at an Ashkenazi shul you can skip saying “Hashem Imachem” and go straight to Barchu.

But if I want to say it can I say it low under my breath and then reply to myself…Kinda like the Ben Ish Chai says to do when you say Kiddush alone.

You’re welcome to do that, if you want to.
But there isn’t much meaning to it if you’re saying it to yourself.

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What about “His Torah” in the second beracha for sefardim, “Asher Natan Lanu Torato Torat Emet”?

Thats fine. You can say “Asher Natan Lanu Torato Torat Emet”.


Why? Arent you changing the nusach hatefilah in a beis keneses?

No, that would only apply if you were leading the tefilah, this is not the same.