Bishul Akum problem?

If I turn on my oven on and leave it on all during the Yom Tov, can a non-Jew put my marinated chicken into the oven for me while I’m at shul? Thank you so much!

For a Sephardi it might be a problem.

If it’s the housekeeper it would be ok for a sephardi too.

Kavod HaRav

If a housekeeper would be okay why wouldn’t a chef in a restaurant be? In a way they are both hired and working for you.

A chef in the restaurant would be ok. But please remember that YOU, the Jewish person put the fire on in the oven. So the same would need to be at the restaurant. Then, even though Sephardim don’t rely normally on just putting on the fire, in these two cases (housekeeper & chef) it would be sufficient.