Blending Fresh and frozen unchecked vegetables

Can unchecked fresh and frozen vegetables,fruits and herbs be used in recipes if recipe calls for blending and one will completely blend/purée the ingredients?
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Disclaimer: it’s only permitted if you don’t know for sure that there are bugs in these fruit or vegetables. If you know that there are bugs in your fruits or vegetables it would not be ok to then puree them.

“If you know that there are bugs “ - how do you define “knowing ?”

Thank you

It is never permissible to eat any non kosher food. However when a non kosher food is blended and/or mixed into a mixture with kosher foods and has certain required conditions met it is nullified by the majority of kosher food and is therefore permissible. For the purpose of our question at hand, one of these conditions is that it not be intentionally nullified. For this reason if a certain vegetable type that requires checking (because it has been found to contain insects in the past) is blended, as called for in the recipe, and that is the normal way to prepare the food it is not considered to be an intentional nullification, as there is only a fear that it MAY have insects. But if heaven forbid insects are seen on the food, it would be assur to nevertheless chuck that food in the blender and intentionally nullify the insects.


How about can I use unchecked dill if it will be blended - it’s different than cauliflower as no matter how long the blender is on, dill doesn’t seem to purée or get smaller than a certain size …can we assume the Potential bugs Got chopped up even if the dill isn’t “mush” at the end ?

The dill will be a problem in that case

So is there any way to use unchecked dill? If the blender is on for a while is there any way to assume the potential bugs got chopped up ? Together with the other veggies and potential bugs ?

The best would be to put the dill in a filter bag