Bonito Flakes / Katsuobushi

Bonito flakes and katsuobushi are two similar traditional Japanese seasonings.
They are made from fermented dried fish (Skipjack tuna in the case of katsuobushi, and bonito, a relative of mackerel, in the case of bonito flakes.)

Traditionally, they are boiled, smoked for a month or so, and then fermented with mold and dried for a couple months. I imagine that the industrial production is much simpler.

Packaged products are available (from Eden foods, for example), and have no ingredients listed apart from the fish, but none carries a hecksher.

I’m interested if there is any reason to worry about either the packaged food, or even a traditionally prepared portion, not wrapped, found in an ethnic market.

The packaged would be fine, as long as the ingredients are clear. The ones sold in the market or on the street might be a problem of bishul Akum. But if they don’t make it and normally it’s bought from a supplier and then sold on the street or market, that would be ok just like the packaged