Booster Juice

Is it ok to go to a non certified kosher establishment that makes blended fruit smoothies (I’m talking about the non dairy ones they make).

Website is:

Thank you and good Shabbos.


Yes, as long as you are certain that,

A. All the items in the smoothie are kosher. (Even though strawberries are a problem with insect infestation, as long as they are “blender-ized” with no chunks it would be ok)

B. There is no cross contamination with their other products. Make certain that they don’t use the same utensils as well.

What do you mean by cross contamination? If they use non certified (or non kosher) yogurt or in their blenders and / their utensils, would that be an issue - I believe its all washed between uses.

If the blender is washed between uses it’s fine.