Bracha Achrona on Hot Coffee, Cold Ices, etc

Do you make a blessing AFTER eating/drinking a VERY HOT or VERY COLD item of food ? (ex. coffee, ices)

For the 1st half of my life, I didn’t (bec. of the time lapse in consuming a minimum amount considered a unit of ‘eating’),
and now, hearing second-hand from the Rav, I DO make the bracha achrona EVEN if i lick the ices reaal slow or sip the steaming coffee reaal slow, over a period of 10 minutes or more!!

Am I misguided? Can you confirm G-d’s will here for me?

If you dont eat enough within the correct period of time you would not make a blessing afterwards. Licking a scoop of ice cream over 10 minutes is too long and no blessing afterwards.