Bracha on fried dough

Hello Rabbaim,

I am on a new diet and am looking for something made of spelt or oats for hamotzi on Shabbat. If I were to mix spelt flour, water, and a little oil and/or egg and lightly fry it, could this be considered a hamotzi if I ate a sufficient quantity? Would I need to bake it instead of frying?

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Oats are Haadamah and never hamotzi no matter how you prepare it.

Spelt is same as wheat.

If the raw dough is fried then it will only be mezonot, not hamotzi.

The dough must be baked.

Okay, thanks Rabbi Lasry, have a good week,


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I apologize for correcting, but in the case when we fry in a pan or in a saucepan and there is not a lot of oil, but only a little bit of oil so that the dough does not burn, this will also be amozi.