Bracha on trail mix

What is the procedure for eating a mix of small bits of things, each of which has its own brachah? Like if I take a handful of a mix that has pumpkinseeds, pecans, macadamia nuts, and cheese balls (yes, it has an OK — although I don’t really get why you’re so machmir on cheese; maybe you could link me to the relevant post(s)), what do I do? My favorite part is probably the cheeseballs and the majority (or at least the plurality, depending on the handful) is probably the pumpkin seeds

What do you mean by “so machmir” on cheese?

Here is a list of cheeses that are known to be vegetarian. I don’t know if this is the majority of cheese that’s produced for any given kind, but it sure is a lot for most common types of cheeses.

I understand from some posts I’ve seen here on the topic that if cheese appears in the ingredients, the product requires a kosher certification.

But I thought that the Rav holds that any cheese which is mostly made with microbial or vegetable rennet by professional cheese makers is no longer considered gevina. In my experience — at the supermarket, at least — it’s difficult to find cheeses that DO use animal rennet.

So what I mean is, I don’t understand why a hechsher is required on a product with cheese as an ingredient if it also specifies microbial or vegetarian rennet or the packaging states that the product is vegitarian.

This is a big mistake. The Rav holds that the laws of Gevinat Akum apply to all cheeses that use some sort of enzyme to curdle including those that use vegetarian rennet. The Rav has been always very clear on this.

This is why any product that lists cheese in the ingredients requires a hechsher. How else would you know it is Gevinat Yisroel?

Ah, I see. Thanks!