Broccoli in Aldi's - Kosher?

Hi Aldi’s started carrying a frozen broccoli with a hechsher on it.

  1. is this hechsher good?
  2. is it good for broccoli?
  3. what if the broccoli is for health purposes?
    3a) used in soups, ground up?
    3b) used in shakes, ground up?


Please provide a picture of the front and back of this product? Is it greenhouse grown?

Health does not change the requirement to check vegetables that for bugs. Even if you are eating these for health reasons you must check for bugs first.

If you puree the vegetables if would be ok without checking. But if you actually saw a bug you would not be allowed to puree it anymore.

I can ask my wife for a photo next time she is in Aldi’s.


So this puree exemption would apply even to veggies without a hechsher? As long as it appears there are no bugs, we can puree them to use in foods?


No good. These have a bug issue.