Brocha on Croutons made from bread

I’ve seen elsewhere on this site that croutons made from bread would need a hamotzi. Wouldn’t they be batel in relation to whatever they’re sprinkled on?

Bread croutons are not batel. If one or two croutons fell into a salad maybe we can say its batel but if you put bread croutons onto your salad you cant say they are batel.

Does this apply to croutons homemade from bread or even commercial croutons made from bread?

I had heard that packaged croutons sold in stores are made from bread baked especially for the production of croutons. Therefore, the brocha is mezonos.

If the commercially sold croutons are made from bread specifically baked for croutons the correct bracha would be mezonot.

But if the croutons are made from bread that was baked for bread the bracha is Hamotzie.

Restaurants often used the previous days bread to make croutons and as such they would be Hamotzie.