Brochos on desserts

I washed for bread and had my main meal courses. Now I come to the dessert. Do I make any brochos on the following:

  1. cake - mezonos

  2. fruits - eitz

  3. ice cream - shehakol

  4. ices - shehakol

  5. candy - shehakol

  6. nuts/seeds - hoadoma (peanuts, sunflower seeds) or eitz (almonds, pistachios)

Thanks !

  1. Yes

  2. Yes

  3. Yes, which bracha depends on the ingredients

  4. Yes, which bracha depends on the ingredients

  5. Yes

  6. Yes

Shouldnt cake be patur because of safek that it is pat haba bakisnin and therefore covered by hamotzi?

Why is cake a safek?

See Biur Halacha siman 168

That’s a long siman. Which Biur Halacha specifically?

Rav Abadi is of the opinion that there is no argument about what constitutes פת הבאה בכיסנין and that each option mentioned was merely an example from their town.

See the Rav’s teshuva below: