Brushing Teeth and Listerine Strips on Yom Kippur

Brushing teeth with regular toothpaste and water in a regular manner?

Listerine strips?

I recall the Rabbi telling me “yes” for both, years ago in Har Nof. Can anyone verify if his opinion recently changed?

With toothpaste? And can you rinse after?

Can you use mouthwash?

The Rav has ruled that the strips are fine.

Yes with toothpaste. And yes you may rinse with water, but when rinsing, make sure your head is lowered to the sink thereby there is no fear you may swallow any water.

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two questions in response to this:

  1. To be clear, the rav is okay with us brushing our teeth in the manner you have described on yom kippur and using listerine strips?

  2. Also, would like to understand the logic or the reason the strips are okay.

thank you

1 yes
2 is not food

Is brushing teeth okay (with toothpaste) for both Tisha B’Av and Yom Kippur? I ask because I recently saw a sefer arguing that the former is okay because it is derabanan while the latter is de’oraisa.

Is there any written teshuvah that says this?

Both Yom Kippur and Tisha B’av.

If listerine strips are not food ( and assuming gum is not either) should I make a Bracha on them? (If yes what’s the reason). Thank you so much

Why are you assuming gum is not food? Gum is food and requires a bracha.