Built in griddle instead of blech

Can the built in griddle on this oven be used instead of a blech? It’s basically a piece of cast iron that is on top of the burners so it seems to function just like a blech.

Sorry no.

One of the properties of a Blech is that it be an abnormal cooking method.
The normal way to cook is not by placing a metal plate (Blech) on top of the fire, rather on the fire itself.
Here obviously this is a preferred normal cooking method and therefore can not be used as a Blech.

does the fact that companies now sell pieces of metal specifically for cooking question the validity of using a “blech” nowadays entirely?

I’ve seen this product advertised online that looks very similar to what we’d call a “blech” but is obviously meant for cooking. is there a practical difference?

A griddle is used for regulate cooking. A Blech isn’t. Therefore the Blech would work for cooking on Shabbos, becuz it’s not the norm which isn’t the case for a griddle

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