Can the List be used in different countries

I was curious if your list can be used to purchase food in Countries outside fo the USA?

Yes, if the product was made in the US or Canada. Otherwise post ingredients here

Hi, do the products from the Coca Cola Company manufactured outside the US, like in Europe for example, be trusted as well for Pessah? The only information I managed to have from the factory in Switzerland is that all the Coca Cola kinds are gluten free…
Thank you very much and Moadim leSimha

In general, we don’t assume ingredients are the same in all countries. Coca Cola is ok though.

Hi. Re Canada vs USA. Does this mean the Pesach 2022 list’s A labels and S labels apply the same for products purchased from grocery stores in Canada as products purchased from stores in USA?

The list is for products manufactured in the US only

Hi Rabbi. Thank you. I’m confused: the ingredients section of Ohel Torah app seems to include Canada by saying at top: “ PESACH: ingredients list is only for products made in the USA and Canada”