Carrying where there is no eruv

This past shabbat I went to a shabbat dinner, which I learned after the fact was in an area without an eruv. I had a bag of stuff with me (keys, etc) and we asked the rabbi what to do if I needed to bring the stuff back. He said that until we reach the eruv point, if I must carry, I can carry the bag along with someone else (we each held one handle of the bag). My question is, in the future, what do I do in a situation where there is no eruv? Are there any other permissible ways of getting things to a destination? For instance, if one wants to go sit by the beach on shabbat, or is passing by a block that has no eruv, etc., can I rely on either carrying bag with someone else, kicking the bag, walking less than 4 amot and placing it down…and if the circumstance makes a difference.

I can’t imagine what that Rabbi was thinking. Having two people do a Melacha on Shabbat does not make it permissible. You can wear a large towel to go to the beach but otherwise you can’t do much more.

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