Cemetery Plots

We just finished burying (2009 and 2017) both our parents in Pardes Channa, Israel, where they had bought plots many decades ago.
My question:
If I have the money, should I buy a plot in Israel?
(What is this thing with ‘gilgul mechilos’ that’s supposed to be a big ‘tzaar’ for the person buried in USA to roll to Israel?)
Also, I’m married to my 2nd wife now. Do I have her buried next to me? Also, men next to women, is that ok?

(It’s probably beyond the scope of this website, but which wife do I get when/if I get up by ‘tchiyas hamaysim’? 1st wife or 2nd wife?)


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These are not halachic concepts. They’re a combination of cultural and personal preferences with a touch of Kabbalah and/chassidus.
Ultimate go with what works best for you.

Regarding first wife or second, let me know what happens.