Certified vegan -- is it kosher?

Is a “Certified Vegan” designation enough to consider a product kosher and parve?

Yes. If it is a packaged product.
That would not include wines or anything containing wine.
You would also need to be careful about items that are common to contain bugs.

If it says vegan it can still contain bugs?

Absolutely. Vegetables are all 100% Vegan yet many of these vegetables are infested with bugs and must be cleaned properly before eating.

Ok but arent they considered as they are not there because its so Ground up and not visible, isnt that how if someone uses a Green Superfood Powder, You would never be able to know if there is a bug in the mix, where do we draw the line

OK so lets clarify.

Your question did not mention any specific product. Your question was specifically about the Vegan designation on any products.

If a store bought product includes pureed fruit and/or vegetables that would be fine because if there were any bugs they would be pureed and no longer a problem.

If you bought fruit or vegetables and see bugs you are not permitted to puree them any longer and must be cleaned to eat them.

If the store bought product has pieces (not pureed) of fruit or vegetables that normally require checking for bugs then you would not be permitted to eat this product because it may contain bugs.

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