Chanukah candles and shabbos

How long after shkia do chanukah candles need to burn on friday night? If I have candles that burn for approx. 60 minutes is that enough?

Yes, much more than enough. 30 minutes is plenty.

wanted to follow up on this.

if I light the menorah 18 minutes before shkia, and if tzeis is approx. 35 minutes after shkia, the menorah will have been let for 53 minutes by the time tzeis arrives.

this means that the menorah will only burn for another 5-10 minutes after tzeis.

is this enough?

Actually it is more than enough.

According to the Rav the optimum time to light the menorah is AT shkia-and to burn for a half hour, not at nightfall,

Therefore in your scenario had you had enough oil for precisely 48 minutes you would have done the Mitzvah in its entirety.

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So the rav is of the opinion that if candles burn for at least 30 minutes after shkia any night of chanukah that is sufficient?


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I know the Rav’s opinion is that it’s preferable to light at Shkia. For days other than Friday, should this be shortly after shkia, or is it okay to light a little before?

There had to be a very good reason to light before shkia. Otherwise better to light later at night.